Because My Shop 4 Men rewards your loyalty

1. Loyalty points and vouchers

WIN 5 %

From your first order, Lili Shopping offers you loyalty points. Lili Shopping will grant you a voucher of 5 % of the ordered product value. You will find the number of points for a given item displayed in the product description.

Once you have completed your order, your loyalty points will be directly added to your account.

You can convert your loyalty points into a cash-voucher at any time by clicking on "Converting loyalty points into vouchers".

Example : 82 € spent = 8 loyalty points = 4 € earned

 2. Friend referral

GET 10 €

Through the friend referall programme, My Shop 4 Men offers both sponsor and referred friend gift vouchers.

When one of your friends make their first purchase, he / she will automatically get a 5 € discount and you will be entitled to a 5 € gift voucher.

Gift vouchers can be used at any time by clicking on "resume" (left-hand side of the screen) while confirming your order.

Log in under your account and get to "Friend referall". Write the last name, first name and emails of your friends.

Sponsoring husband, wife, partners, family members or even persons who live at the same adresse than you is not allowed.