List of products by manufacturer Bootleggers Wild Turquoise

Freedom, wild desert, canyons, authenticity, America are the words that can describe the universe of Bootleggers Wild Turquoise. Franck, the creator is passionate by United States, motorcylces (Harley Davidson), the Route 66, muscle cars (Mustantg, Camaro, Charger and others V8).

As its name doesn’t indicate, Bootleggers Wild Turquoise is a french brand but with a 100% american style. All of the jewelry are handmade, in the south of France, in Valence. Bootleggers Wild Turquoise bracelets for men mix different noble materials. Wood of Sental Havane, semi-precious stones (Onyx, Imperial Jasper, River Stone, Eye of Tiger with an AA+ or AAA+ quality).

The association og these materials gives an elegant, rock and original side to men bracelets. The pearls are plain colour or diverse colour and we can associate or not the bracelets to an even more rock and vintage side. Few stars are alredy fan of this young brand like Julien Doré, singer and songwriter who wear his bracelets Bootleggers on stage.

My Shop 4 Men makes discover you this amazing universe mixing freedom, motorcycle, cars, America and men jewelry.